The extent and expanse of the food industry

carrageenanFood industry is a huge industry and it is one of the evergreen industries, which will always flourish. The main reason behind this is that all men and women need food to survive and as a result all the kinds of foods are consumed in large quantities and industry is always in demand.  Even in the food industry there are various different verticals and horizontals which one can see. There are many specialized subsectors like the food industry for vegetarians, non-vegetarians, vegans, pregnant women, children, infants and for people who need geriatric care. So, it is a well-diversified field which is growing. One of the most sought after thing is the food for the infants. The human milk substitutes and supplements are probably the most delicate things that have to be regulated by the regulatory organs of the world, as they are directly responsible for an entire generation.

A look into the infant dietary products and their safety

Most products for infants are dietary supplements which are predominantly mixed with water to make milk like substances. These are given for the kids when the mother’s milk is either not produced in sample quantities or when they have to be separated for other reasons. One of the most important products that is added in these food substitutes is carrageenan. It is a gelatinous substance that has been isolated from the sea weeds. It is necessary to maintain the substrate of the product and also to keep the whole composition chemically stable. However there have been certain apprehensions about using this in the baby’s products as they are not completely tested on the infants. It might cause harm in the kids, when they take the same in large quantities. Recently, it has been declared that when the concentration of the substance is less than 2000 parts per million, it does not cause any problems in the kids.